Remember When

Remember when. What cruel words

Remember when we saw the beautiful world like baby birds?

Remember when we were younger and purer?

But we found in this dark world our innocence’ cure.

Remember when we would smile at anyone we saw?

Now keeping faith in humanity is like grasping for straw

Now we do not trust and we stay wary

And our young pure trust we burry.

Remember when. Two words that silently tear our old souls

Remember when we had so many fanciful goals?

How long has it been since we danced in our own imagination?

How long has it been since we were kings and queens of nations?

How long has it been since we learned,

That what is good in this world gets burned?

Remember when We were children?

And then suddenly we are not children.


Julie K



When Fall changed

When I think about fall, I think about trees,

I think about early sunsets and leaves

I think of hot cider and windy days

I think of pumpkin farms and corn maze

I think of warm oversized sweaters

I think of hand written letters

I think of the geese that fly away

I think of the birds that stay

But now all I think about is you

And all the leaves you threw

I think of looking at the moon

and of goodbyes that came too soon

but most of all I think of when

I will get to see you again.



Julie K.


Missing You

I sat outside to look at the stars

I saw my old friends Orion and Taurus

And the moonlight glinting off of cars

And queen Cassiopeia was too pretty to miss.

I even saw the big dipper in the sky

But for some reason all I could do was sigh.

And even though they’re still the same

The same stars on the same frame

And yet they’re not as pretty as before

Because I want to see them with you, once more.





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My Dear Villain,

You think of yourself as a villain of craft

You think of me as an idiot; dumb and daft.

You imagine yourself to be so cunningly wicked

You imagine the hounds of hell will come when you bid.

You believe that you are truly invincible

You believe that your schemes are invisible.

But shall I tell you what you are all about

now that I have found you out?

You’re like the villains in those old movies

with a curled mustache and dramatic soliloquies,

You say “Ah-hah!” and think you are oh so clever

and dare to think and proclaim “I’ve got her!”

But I will not see you as a barrier any longer,

I will not allow you to become stronger.

I will not, I shall not give thoughts for you to rise

but I will grow stronger and bring about your demise.

For you only have as much power as I give

and if I give none, how will you live?

So fear me, you cackling hag, you bowler hat guy

For I have the power to wave goodbye.

I will not cry myself to sleep

I will not give in and weep

I will not lie listlessly in your dark shadow

I will not cave anymore to my foe.

I have gathered my armour

and I will slay and conquer.

So fear, fear my shield, her name is truth and honor,

Fear my sword, his name is strength and valour,

Fear my helmet, his name is knowledge,

Fear my heart and it’s courage.



– Sincerely,

Julie K.




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Battle Cry

What do you do when you’re ready to break?

When you have taken all that you can take?

Do you scream at the wind and fall?

Curl your fists and punch the wall?

Do you take deep breaths and walk it off?

Take some medicine, like it was just a cough?

Or do you just let everything run on by

without giving it a thought or a sigh

because maybe if you ignore it, it will go away.

But all that does is leave it for another day.

I’ve tried all of these, you see

and my troubles simply won’t let me be.

…Perhaps now, I should try

facing them head on with a battle cry.


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When I Can No Longer Carry Your Burdens

You forced your way to a conclusion on my heart

Decided I was cruel, and access to my thoughts you didn’t want a part.

You assumed my heart was black as death,

And wouldn’t  hear my pain through every breath.

I spoke and you wouldn’t  see the underlying plea,

You spoke, and I didn’t see until a knife was left in me.

You let my bleeding heart cry itself to sleep

While you, in self righteous glory, took the part of victim to keep.

“What are you gonna do about this?” You say

As you show your scraped hands day to day.

They’re scraped because you grab peoples burdens,

Forgive me for not taking your stolen burdens.

But, climbing the mountain called life is hard enough,

Without carrying everyone else’s stuff.

So drop it, please, and maybe then you will see

That carrying other burdens hurt more than just me.

So let us take care of ourselves, because it only makes them worse,

When you take our burdens by force.

So can’t you please let go, you cannot do it all,

Your hands, though strong, are small.

So carry your own struggles and journey on,

We will carry ours and make it to the dawn.


Julie K.



It isn’t good to carry other peoples burdens, it is enough to just walk with them.

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Weary in Soul

Weary in my soul, weary in my heart

I’m weary, far too weary to take part,

in the games you play with me.

You don’t think it’s a game,probably.

Because the way you’ve played with my soul

has no effect on you, but it’s taken my toll.

For you, I tried my hardest. I kept my pride at bay,

For you, I have silenced what I needed to say,

For you, I changed my dreams,

but all for naught, it seems.

Should I give up on you?

Can I manage without you?

You have always loved me

but in the end you loved me conditionally.

You have done and given up so much, I know

But you hold it over my head, till I can’t stand not to go.

I am exhausted to the bone,

while I cry all alone.

And when I leave you will find a way

to make me feel worthless for doing it my way.

And when I leave, you will tell me

that I have behaved selfishly.

And when I leave, you will tell everyone

that I am weak, foolish, and on the run,

running from what you say is the right path

How is it right, when it only brings hatred and wrath?

I will go, I will leave

and you will grieve

for your loss, but not for me,

Because you loved conditionally.



Julie K.