Do you, Does anyone?

Do you have a place where you simply think?

About the day, about the week, about the brink?

Do you listen to music when you go there?

Or do you just sit or stand and stare?

Do you have a place to cry when you can’t take anymore?

Is there a place that you get through the day for?

Is it a place or a state of being?

Or is it any place where your thoughts are hearing and seeing?

Do you go there every day or on occasion?

To think of what you could not at your work station,

Does anyone else shut their eyes to the world

And imagine their souls separate and unfurled?

Does anyone else cry their eyes out

or in soundless, sightless pain, just shout?

Does anyone else, wish themselves in a state of non-existence

Or examine their own hearts from a perspective distance?

Does anyone else have to go to their own special place

to let go, to put your guard down, to show your face?

Or am I the only one that does all that

on the swing-set, at night, watching the bats

And simply imagining myself far away from home

Completely at peace and alone.








6 thoughts on “Do you, Does anyone?

  1. I loved this. I often feel all of the things you’ve written about, though I suspect so do we all at certain points. But my somewhere is a state of being, and I still strive to get there. It’s a sense of calm and stresslessness that I aim to reach… one day… šŸ™‚

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