And The Birds Were Still Singing

Before I begin my next semester full of classes

I have one summer test left, and that is today.

I’ve studied and I feel like I’ve worn out my reading glasses

But I went to bed, and laid awake until day

Actually, the sky was still dark, the stars were still out

The house was silent and still

The only one awake, I walked about

Until I heard them, soft yet shrill

The birds were still singing

The night wasn’t over yet

and the birds were still singing

I think this changed my mindset.

I realized I don’t have to wait for the light

I can still sing through the dark

Even birds know everything ends, even the night

they don’t even need a spark.

So I’ll smile through shadow

And I’ll smile through the night

Because eventually the dark will have to go

And then comes the light.









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