In Perfect Harmony

Imagine if you can

an arch of chairs on your front lawn

It’s dark out, and everyone has glow sticks

Patriotic country music is playing just for kicks

The people you love the most are all around

The smell of smoke, and firecracker sounds.

This is what I saw today

That is the moment that I want to stay.

Looking about, I wondered what I was feeling

It was laughter, love, and healing.

The children all had sparklers and faces of wonder

And the toddlers were too entertained to wander

The adults were laughing and joking together

That is what I want to feel forever.

That feeling of harmony and love

I don’t think I will ever get enough.

The fireworks show is over,  it’s sad really

But there is still a strange sense of comradery

And I know what it is, I think

It was that for a little while, there was a link.

There were no arguments or disagreements

there were no condescensions or judgements

It was harmony, perfect harmony

When different voices sounded together, so beautifully.

I wasn’t talking, wasn’t moving, but I was still apart

Of the spirit of freedom’s heart.







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