The Strongest Person I Know

To the strongest person I know.

You think that it isn’t so.

You think you are weak

Because you struggle day to week.

You think that you are pathetic

You think that you’re messed up; sick.

And yet you still fight?

You still scratch and bite.

When the darkness comes,

wielding it’s knives and guns

you fight, you don’t always win

Sometimes, you let the darkness in

But you get back up, and take your stance

Bloody and bruised you invite it to dance.

You think that you are broken and useless

When you stand there with a bloody fist

You’re still fighting though

Which is why you’re the strongest person I know

I would have stopped by now

And left the battle, without a bow.


This is dedicated to my best friend. She battles her demons every day and every night. Sometimes she loses a battle, and feels guilty. She fights and wonders why all of this is happening to her. I like to remind her, that she is strong. I like to remind her that she’s got this. I want her to know, that she is amazing, brilliant, and strong. I want her to know that her demons can be beaten.





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