When I Am Asked Again

I’ve been asked this one question, an interesting amount of times, throughout my life. And no, I’m not talking about the usual boring questions that everyone is asked at least a thousand times. “What’s your favorite subject in school/college?” “What do you want to be?” “When are you going to get married?” Granted, I have been asked all of these mundane questions a million times each, but the question I am talking of is much more…thoughtful?

What is interesting about this question is that my answer has never changed. My favorite subject in school changed yearly. What I wanted to be changed monthly. When I want to get married went from “When I turn 25” to “Do I have to?”. But my answer to this question has always been the same.

At first the answer was yes. Yes, because I was little, and believed everything I was told. Then my answer became yes, because I saw it for myself. After that, my answer became yes, because my imagination got the best of me. Now, it is still yes, because I feel it everytime I walk into a library or a museum; everytime I gaze into a fire, look out into the rain, peer into the night to see the stars.

I hope my answer will always stay the same even if the reasons change. I pray that I will see it when my eyesight grows dim. I hope I will still hear it after my ears stop hearing. I hope I will still feel it when I am unable to move about as freely as I can right now.

I hope that as I get older my answer will be yes when I am asked again

“Do you believe in magic?”




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