A Little About Us

Imagine a college student, a sophomore English student, who is writing a book. Now imagine the student has an older brother. What if one day that older brother walked up to his younger sister and said “I’m writing a book.” ? Plot twist: the brother and sister end up writing their books together. Two completely different writing styles, two diverse perspectives, hosting creative debates, interesting conversations, and writing advice from DiversePerspective.¬†

The brother (from the perspective of the sister):  Growing up, I never knew my brother to have an interest in reading, and especially not writing. But a few years ago, he told me about a dream he had, and how he wished he could write it down in story format. I thought the story was amazing, but as Johnny was headed to Taiwan to teach English, I knew that would never be a reality. When he came back two years later, he got a badge, and started working. I thought his dream of writing was gone. However, less than a year ago, he told me about a different story he was going to write. As he explained his story to me, I realized, he was going to go through with it. His story has progressed to a point where I cannot wait for it to be finished. His writing style is a refreshing respite from the poetry and fiction I read. The characters are so life-like that you find yourself wondering if the book is real or fictional. He has an interest in politics, different cultures, and weird, random t.v. shows. Johnny speaks Mandarin and a little bit of Spanish, is knowledgeable in a variety of different martial arts and various different cultures, and is able to think outside the box in an optimistic, yet logical way. And although his perspective is very different from my own, writing with him is both educational and fun.

The sister (From the perspective of the brother): From playing piano to acting or writing Julie is an expert in everything she does. She sees things differently from the rest of the world and her quirky sense of humor accompanies her everywhere she goes. Though her quick wit and near resemblance of me are some of her best qualities, her passion is writing. Fantasy, fiction, romance or comedy, Julie can switch the mood with a turn of a page. Her ideas are fresh and inspiring. She has so much imagination that I often find her writing multiple stories at one time. Writing with her has been enlightening and inspiring as she has a way of seeing through the pages and bringing characters to life. Literally!… I’ve had a goblin running around in my garage for over a week now!