The Strongest Person I Know

To the strongest person I know.

You think that it isn’t so.

You think you are weak

Because you struggle day to week.

You think that you are pathetic

You think that you’re messed up; sick.

And yet you still fight?

You still scratch and bite.

When the darkness comes,

wielding it’s knives and guns

you fight, you don’t always win

Sometimes, you let the darkness in

But you get back up, and take your stance

Bloody and bruised you invite it to dance.

You think that you are broken and useless

When you stand there with a bloody fist

You’re still fighting though

Which is why you’re the strongest person I know

I would have stopped by now

And left the battle, without a bow.


This is dedicated to my best friend. She battles her demons every day and every night. Sometimes she loses a battle, and feels guilty. She fights and wonders why all of this is happening to her. I like to remind her, that she is strong. I like to remind her that she’s got this. I want her to know, that she is amazing, brilliant, and strong. I want her to know that her demons can be beaten.




In Perfect Harmony

Imagine if you can

an arch of chairs on your front lawn

It’s dark out, and everyone has glow sticks

Patriotic country music is playing just for kicks

The people you love the most are all around

The smell of smoke, and firecracker sounds.

This is what I saw today

That is the moment that I want to stay.

Looking about, I wondered what I was feeling

It was laughter, love, and healing.

The children all had sparklers and faces of wonder

And the toddlers were too entertained to wander

The adults were laughing and joking together

That is what I want to feel forever.

That feeling of harmony and love

I don’t think I will ever get enough.

The fireworks show is over,  it’s sad really

But there is still a strange sense of comradery

And I know what it is, I think

It was that for a little while, there was a link.

There were no arguments or disagreements

there were no condescensions or judgements

It was harmony, perfect harmony

When different voices sounded together, so beautifully.

I wasn’t talking, wasn’t moving, but I was still apart

Of the spirit of freedom’s heart.






Sleepless Hours

The clock is striking on.

I’ve lain here from dusk till dawn

I’ve listened to each hour talk

Their same old tick and tock.

I’ve watched each number

While waiting for slumber.

By one, I just want to rest,

By two, I am slightly depressed,

When three strikes, I want to cry,

When four strikes, I do cry.

The clock is ticking on and on

Of what I shouldn’t hear until dawn

But I hear every single hour

And I get out of bed, with no power.

All I am able to do is watch the ceiling

And question every thought that makes my being

Perhaps I will drift off, perhaps I will not

There is still tomorrow night, if not.






My Riddle

What can make some rich and some poor,
Can break hearts, and start war?
Tends to grow bigger everyday
And if you can’t sell it, you give it away.

Any guesses? leave a comment.

Just a short riddle I thought of while I was in the shower. I’ll put the answer in a comment tomorrow night.


And The Birds Were Still Singing

Before I begin my next semester full of classes

I have one summer test left, and that is today.

I’ve studied and I feel like I’ve worn out my reading glasses

But I went to bed, and laid awake until day

Actually, the sky was still dark, the stars were still out

The house was silent and still

The only one awake, I walked about

Until I heard them, soft yet shrill

The birds were still singing

The night wasn’t over yet

and the birds were still singing

I think this changed my mindset.

I realized I don’t have to wait for the light

I can still sing through the dark

Even birds know everything ends, even the night

they don’t even need a spark.

So I’ll smile through shadow

And I’ll smile through the night

Because eventually the dark will have to go

And then comes the light.








Do you, Does anyone?

Do you have a place where you simply think?

About the day, about the week, about the brink?

Do you listen to music when you go there?

Or do you just sit or stand and stare?

Do you have a place to cry when you can’t take anymore?

Is there a place that you get through the day for?

Is it a place or a state of being?

Or is it any place where your thoughts are hearing and seeing?

Do you go there every day or on occasion?

To think of what you could not at your work station,

Does anyone else shut their eyes to the world

And imagine their souls separate and unfurled?

Does anyone else cry their eyes out

or in soundless, sightless pain, just shout?

Does anyone else, wish themselves in a state of non-existence

Or examine their own hearts from a perspective distance?

Does anyone else have to go to their own special place

to let go, to put your guard down, to show your face?

Or am I the only one that does all that

on the swing-set, at night, watching the bats

And simply imagining myself far away from home

Completely at peace and alone.







Starting Your Book

For my entire life, I’ve played with story ideas in my head. Creating adventures and designing foreign lands and creatures. Fiction inspired by real moments in my life. But how could I ever share my stories? My worst subjects in school were Spelling, English and Vocabulary. Learning to write seemed like learning another language. As if my thoughts needed to be translated to paper.

I began telling family and some of my closest friends some of the stories that bounced around in my head and was advised to write them. I thought to myself, “Someday I’ll try to write these down.” But it took me six years before the ink from my pen stretched words across my first page.

Why did it take me so long to start? Lack of confidence and fear.

Was my writing good enough for a book?

Are my stories as good as I think they are?

What if I’m not successful?

What if I devote my days and energy putting a part of myself on paper and nobody likes it?

But then one day I realized, the only difference between me and published authors is they started writing. That’s it! Every writer fears rejection to some extent. You feel if your best writing creation flops, you have been rejected as a person, as writing is merely a reflection of the author.

My advice, get over yourself. Toughen up. If you never try than you’ll never know. Some of the greatest authors in history were rejected a few times before they became super rich and popular. You don’t have to do this alone. I’m going to give you a few tips to help get you started with your book.

  1. Start! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  2. Map out your idea. This is like building framework to a house before you start getting too creative and picking out what color carpets you will have. Just a few lines of “this happens then that happens.” Don’t be too detailed.
    • For Example:
      -Hero meets girl
      -Hero and girl become friends, slight romantic tension between them
      -Girl goes missing
      -Hero goes to girls house finding it ransacked
      -Hero follows leads to find girl
      -Hero gets attacked by “thugs” and wins fight
      -Hero interrogates “thugs” learning where girl is and warned about villain
      -(plot twist) Hero finds girl is the villain
      -Hero gets captured
      -Hero escapes with evidence of girls crimes
      -Villain is arrested
  3. Name the characters in your mapped-out timeline. If you have ideas for your book you don’t want to forget you can add notes into your timeline.
  4. Chapter 1. Where every book starts. Just start writing. WARNING! DO NOT READ WHAT YOU ARE WRITING AT LEAST UNTIL THE CHAPTER IS COMPLETE! If you read every sentence you write, you are thinking way too hard and you’re not letting the story flow.
  5. Move on to Chapter 2. After finishing Chapter 1, you may read over it and even do some light editing but don’t worry too much about it.
  6. Finish book, then edit the crap out of it. Show it to a variety of different people for their opinions. Most people will be able to spot the same errors and holes in the story. Don’t worry if you get some conflicting advice, it’s still your book. Nothing has to change unless you want it to.
  7. Publish it.

I hope this was helpful. I look forward to reading your book in the near future.